What if "Mr. Right" is a single dad…(Can you add his crew to the mix too!)

I got an email from a single dad that said: Id like to hear your experience with dating a man who is raising his children. As a single father, I often wonder what the women that I date are thinking…

My response is below:
She’s thinking…..can I handle this? Am I ready for it? Is this what I want to do. (which are probably some of the same things guys are thinking about when they look to date or even get serious with a single mom).

My advice – just dont lose her. In the midst of her being “mommy” to everyone…dont lose the WOMAN that made you stop and say WOW.

Appreciation in action goes alot further than words. She will deal with alot…but knowing that you appreciate her efforts makes it easier to deal with.

But take your time….make sure she is the BEST fit for you and your kids. Dont rush into anything….or you can find alot of long nights. lol
Now ladies, what do you think? What if YOUR Mr. Right is also a Mr. Mom? We spend alot of time worrying and wondering about our future spouse being right for our kids….but what about you? Are you right for his kids? Are you flexible and open enough to be a step-mom? Not just on summers and holidays…because the reality of it is more men are gaining FULL CUSTODY of their kids….and odds are, my family isnt the only one that looks more like the Brady bunch than we do the Cosby’s.

Are you a woman who is secure, patient, mentally & emotionally stable enough to add someone else’s kids to your mix? You’ve waited so long for your prince charming, but are your prepared for your new life to not just be “all about you?” Then there is the whole other side to this thing…..(yes, the ex’s). What impact good or bad have they had on the new kids that you will raise? If the impact was negative, are your capable of handling with care these new additions, who may have been mishandled by a “mom” in the past? Are you even ready for them to resent you? Odds are they aren’t looking forward to sharing their dad’s attention with you, no matter how wonderful you are. Speaking of kids….what about yours? Are they mentally and emotionally healthy enough to share their mom? Share their living spaces? Share their toys? Share their grandparents? Are your kids ready to share their LIVES with these new kids just because YOU fell in love?

There is a reason why the divorce rate for blended families is sooooo high. Is because its hard. However, if you have truly committed in your heart to make it work – then it can. Set the standard and the understanding in your household, and even to your friends and family – that we are here to make this work. This is the mate that God designed with me in mind and together we will fulfill our purpose in the earth.

It may take time, but thats okay. We are here for the long haul so time is not a problem.

Yes we are blended….but we are together, and our unit will stand strong.

Ms. Koddi