Confessions of a Wealthy Diva: A Rich Stay-at-Home Single Mom

I needed a miracle and I needed it like yesterday! My worst fears had happened. I was in the mist of a major break-up with my husband. It was on the same scale as one of life’s most major domestic battles, The War of the Roses. We had taken our positions. He had his method of defense and I thought I had mine. Like any battle, the main focus is to win the war by any means necessary. He pulled out his major trump card: he emptied “our” joint checking account and transfer “our” income into another account leaving me financially destitute. This was the epitome of emotional and financial abuse. He was the breadwinner and I was the dependent stay-at-home mom– or so he thought.

In order to save my soul and my sanity, spirit said it was time to go-right now! In a matter of minutes, my child and I were poor and homeless. I had to think fast. This was no time to panic. This was a time to pray. The Diva within me was born again. I had turned into the lioness that was determined to protect her cub. I was instructed to use my credit card to stay at a hotel. Go to the yellow pages and call a local woman’s shelter. They usually do not take women in unless they were being physically abused. But with the Divine spirit on my side, I mentioned to her I was desperate and was staying at a hotel with my child, and she kindly let me come in. Thank you Maat, and the Placer County Woman Center.

With all the spiritual work I had done over the years, I was very clear that this was not about “What my husband did to me”. It was about what I was thinking and doing that created this circumstance. The drama Queen in me was healed, I was willing to take full responsibility for where I was at. My husband had to deal with his karma, and that was none of my business. What was my business was to figure out how could I let this happen! . I thought I was an independent, strong powerful woman of the new millenium-with a college degree. Obviously, I would not be in such a predicament if that were the case. I had to dig deep to uncover some negative unconscious issues about myself– and quickly.

Like most women, I had a baby. I returned back to run my naturopathic private practice two weeks after giving birth with my baby in tow. I tried everything to make it work. It did not. I had to make a decision. Let some one else raise my child or give up my practice and become a stay-at-home mom. The decision was easy. I could always reopen another practice in the future, but I could not miss out on the once in the life time moments of bonding and growing with my bundle of joy. So, I closed my practice and became an at-home mom.

Introspection during a deep meditation revealed to me some startling truths. My father had left my mother to take care of my sister and I. My fear was that my husband would do the same to me. So, I created circumstances to bring my self-fulfilled prophecy to light. Like my mother, I would be a single woman who would have to raise my child alone. Thoughts are very powerful.

Also, I was conditioned by societies that money issues, business affairs were handled by men. Even though, I successfully passed several math and science classes, I still believed I was inadequate to handle such matters and nonchalantly passed on the running of my business financial matters to my husband. Furthermore, my husband was in charge of the financial purse strings at home. I was a great healer but not a wise business woman.

Eureka! I got the spiritual message. As a holistic practitioner, I was out of balanced- financially. If you are unbalanced in one area it will have an adverse effect in all other areas of your life-spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I had to get my financial act together for me and my son.

After doing plenty of research, stressing and reading articles like this post – I took charge of my financial life and a miracle has happened! I get to stay at home with my baby and still make a substantial income. I studied the power of money and as a result money and I became friends. In less than one year, I acquired 1.5 million dollars worth of property, brought a house, a car and accomplished my dream of raising a healthy prosperous child while working from home! Not a bad start from someone who started with just $36 dollars in her checking account. So I am my own expert and via the book, The Dynamic Diva Dollars-For Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Become Millionaires. You can become your own financial expert, too.

Dynamic Diva Dollars is a compilation of some of the successful money steps I took that allows me stay at home with my bundle of joy and still make a bundle of ca$h! I know that this book will help you achieve the same if it is your true desire. I am living proof that every mom can live a rich life no matter what their income. The world would be such a better place if many women could realize this dream too.