New "Trend" of Celebrity Single Moms…..

From veterans like Angelina Jolie to rookies like Sandra Bullock, being a single mom in Tinseltown has acquired a celebrity status all of its own. In the real world, however, venturing solo into the thorny territory of parenthood is hardly comparable to flaunting the latest Jimmy Choo’s.

This is not to say that Hollywood single moms have it any easier than the rest of the single parents out there. As far as the psychological, emotional and physical needs of a growing child go, the difficulties faced along the way are the same for everyone; what changes and improves the quality of life of a famous mom, is the greater accessibility she has to a wide spectrum of support.

The It-Crowd
If placed under the same roof, one could say that Kate Gosselin and Octomom are raising a small village all on their own, and although this is commendable on many levels, reality is that the help they can count on to accomplish their daily routines is far from the help that is available to a more earthly mum.
Before the Brad era, Angelina Jolie had already adopted two children and Denise Richards had divorced Charlie Sheen and embarked into the journey of raising her two daughters alone. Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet and Sandra Bullock, all beautiful ladies hit over the head with the Academy Award curse, won the Oscar, got divorced and wound up raising their tots and newborns on their own.

It all appears so simple, but as fabulous as the lives of these noted mommies might seem, there are some unquestionable difficulties. Parenting duties and career commitments must be equally attended to regardless of fame and fortune.

The Tabloid’s List
From best and worst beach-bods to plastic surgeries gone wrong, the public has become accustomed to seeing the most private aspects of a celebrity mom splattered on the front pages of a tabloid. Recently, however, the celebrity single mom craze has generated a new species of wonder-women that hardly reflect reality. Just in time for Mother’s Day 2010, for example, reported that Sandra Bullock had been named sexiest single mom by thousands of online daters. Now, that is a difficult model to live up to.

One often wonders how Hollywood moms can multitask between raising their children, following their demanding career and maintaining an enviable body shape when most single moms are criticized for wearing their hair tied back, no make-up and the infamous “mom jeans”. The answer is rather obvious: going off to a remote destination to shoot a box-office hit and hauling the little tots along is undeniably easier for a parent that can count of the help of numerous nannies and caregivers. After working a eight-hour day, taking care of the home and allotting enough time and attention to guaranteeing a good quality of life for her children, can a common mom really be singled out for not having had the time to curl her lashes?

The bottom line is that being a single parent is difficult regardless of career choices, fame, and economic stability, but the sense of pride and accomplishment that rewards a mom who is giving it her all to ensure a positive and nurturing environment for her child to grow up in, is blind to the harsh criticism of society. Under this light, earthly and heavenly moms are not so different after all.