Care to join me for a HissyFit?

Well, its been said that we all cant “Oprah’s” fame and fortune…but dangonit, we can have her MAKEUP GUY! Thats right, put back that dollar store heavy foundation and that cheap “every color looks gray” looking eye shadow….makeup just got a brand new brand to celebrate. Mr. Reggie Wells, the renowned makeup artist for Oprah has launched his very own make up line called HissyFit….and it is worth ALL of the commotion! CEO, Ms. Koddi, says she is in love with the entire makeup collection…saying, “I don’t have a favorite item – it’s all my favorite, and before I turn 35 Reggie Wells MUST grace my face! His touch and vision are just amazing!”

If you are ready to treat yourself to a piece of TV royalty, check out and order the complete Reggie Wells line of products online now at and tap into your “pretty!” –