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Big girls ROCK! Fashion trends for 2011

The start of the new year means everything old is new again. Honestly, there really is nothing different from what you will see on the streets from plus size fashion versus straight sizes.

The difference will be the cost with plus size fashion being much cheaper. With that being said the trends that will be hitting the streets this Spring include:

70′s elegance – This inspiration will come from the bohemian styles popular during this period. Additionally, look for shimmering dresses and high-waist pants.

Biker inspired clothing – Basically this in the military styles that you heard about during the Fall. Expect more biker buckles and zippers and less camouflage.
Punk Fashions – The Sex Pistols meet trendy fashion. Skinny ties, sequins, safety pins, buttons, pieced together garments.

60′s femininity – Think Leave it to Beaver 60′s housewife daily wear. Full feminine look of below the knee circle skirts. Raid your grandmothers closest for the best in retro looks.

Stores that you should already know about and have on your list for all of these sytles is Re/Dress in New York and Chic Star.