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Magazine Publisher Shines Spotlight on Women-Owned Businesses in Metro Atlanta

Not many men are willing to say that women are smarter than men, but People You Need to Know Magazine (PYNTK) publisher, Anthony “Spark Plug” Thomas, isn’t one of them. His business magazine shines the spotlight on the education, talent, beauty and brilliance of women.

“After working with women in professional settings for more than 25 years, I’ve found women are smarter than men,” he says without apology. “They are better leaders, better team players, more creative, better listeners, more willing to work for the greater good, and more likely to share their wealth, time, knowledge, information, and ideas. In addition, women are using their female advantage to create millions of jobs.”

For anyone who contests Spark Plug’s point of view, good luck. Statistics convincingly back him up. According to Forbes.com, women are America’s new job-creating power force. There are 9.1 million women-owned businesses which employ 27.1 million people and contribute an astounding 3.6 trillion dollars to the U.S. economy. According to The Center for Women’s Business Research, the Metro Atlanta area alone has 185,313 women-owned businesses which collectively generate 39 billion dollars in revenues annually. The National Association of Women Owned Businesses (NAWBO) found that in spite of the recession, women-owned businesses continue to grow in Georgia. For Spark Plug, these compelling numbers are an indication that the 21st Century woman is on a momentous rise to the top and determined to uplift others along her way. She is showing and proving her worth in this male-dominated society in an undeniable way.

Spark Plug says, “One reason I believe most men are slow to recognize a woman’s true worth is because of their deep-seated insecurities and fear that it will somehow take away from their own power.” This concept is one which he elaborates on in his new speech entitled, “A Woman’s Worth: What Men are Afraid to Admit They Know About Women.”

Spark Plug believes “Men of influence should do everything in their power to give women the recognition they so richly deserve,” which is why his publication, People You Need to Know Magazine, is Metro Atlanta’s premier business spotlight magazine for women. Their yearly circulation of 500,000 highlights women business owners and professionals, giving them the kind of exposure that is typically reserved for Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 500 CEOs. The support is something that women business owners really appreciate in metro Atlanta, where women are starting more businesses than ever before.

Entrepreneur and Atlanta Business Celebrity, Stormy Wellington, is one of those women who is thankful for the magazine and Spark Plug’s assistance. “You can’t even imagine how much you have helped me to build my business,” said Stormy on Spark Plug Radio. “And women, if you are out there as entrepreneurs, you definitely want to get with Spark Plug because he will take your business to a new level.”

“Spark Plug and the People You Need to Know Network is an amazing vehicle to promote your business and market your brand,” agrees new client, Taunya A. Lowe, PhD, owner of The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta. “I was ready to take my business to the next level but wasn’t sure exactly how. The following week, I met Spark Plug and did not hesitate to get my business featured in People You Need to Know Magazine.” Lorie Johnson, MD, President of Just For You Women’s Healthcare says, “I’ve seen my business grow by advertising in People You Need to Know Magazine.”

PYNTK is not a magazine that sells conventional advertising, it’s much more than that. Since 1993, they have offered entrepreneurs and businesswomen hope, inspiration, opportunities, credibility, trust, and most importantly, recognition. Spark Plug’s favorite quote and the driving force behind his magazine is, “When women succeed the nation prospers.”

Spark Plug was inspired to support businesswomen because of the positive influence women have had in his life. “My wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister, aunts, have all been a positive influence in my life,” he says. “I am a better man today because of them. I honor women business owners as a way to say “thank you” to all the women, past and present, who have helped me on my journey.”

Spark Plug is a member of the Atlanta Press Club, won “Best Promoter” at the New America Media Conference and has been the recipient of the Phoenix Award, Atlanta’s most prestigious honor for community service. He is also a US Navy Veteran, author, radio talk show host, motivational speaker, and world traveler. People You Need to Know Magazine can be found in the metro Atlanta area at Kroger, QuickTrip, Whole Foods stores and online.

For speaking engagements call 770-460-5995 or email SparkPlug@SparkPlugPeople.com
Visit them online at: http://www.sparkplugpeople.com