Deadbeats want to help….now???

We know those no good jokers dont really care about no one but themself…..but who knows maybe they are turning over a new leaf. Either way, WHEN A DEADBEAT PARENT STARTS MAKING PROMISES…here are a few ways to remain sane no matter what they do or DONT do.

# 1. KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN so that your kid(s) will never come back and say, mom – my dad said that he tried to help take care of me or buy me things I needed and you didnt let him.

MANIPULATION is a HUGE TACTIC that the dead beat parents OFTEN use……SO with that being said, tell him to get her a giftcard so he/she can pick some things out…..OR even have him/her go to Walmart/Target and register (like a baby or wedding gift registry) and then send him the info so that if they REALLY want to do something…..they can do so, no matter where they are.

# 2. KEEP it REAL with your kid(s). Sometimes EXPERIENCE is the BEST teacher. Let them talk to the parent…and hear the promises. If the deadbeat keeps their word – GREAT! But if they dont, you are teaching your kid(s) a valuable lesson about INTEGRITY and making sure that when they get older…their WORDS have some real WEIGHT.

#3 Finally, KEEP IT COOL. I know its hard….and they owe you SOOO much….but maintain your chill factor. DONT REACT. DONT BE DIFFICULT to deal with. JUST STICK TO THE POINT….There will be PLENTY of time to deal with ALL of the other stuff..and I know you hate them for what they did to you…..BUT try not to put your personal disdain for your EX in the middle. Allow your child to have this encounter with your EX – without getting a mouthful of drama from you. Even the smallest amount of negative energy puts your kid(s) in a conflicted state of mind. RESIST the urge….and just KEEP YOUR COOL.

Keep ya head up divaz! Its never fair….but it WILL BE alright.

YOU + GOD = SUCCESS ( no matter who else comes and goes…. YOU + GOD = SUCCESS!)

MzKoddi 🙂