A few #Tips 4 #Towanda (and some of us too!) #BFV Feb18


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A few #Tips 4 #Towanda (and some of us too!) #BFV

On Valentines day, Single Moms TV responded to a tweet  by #BraxtonFamilyValues tv star @TowandaBraxton regarding some of the flack she’s receiving for being “allegedly” jealous of her younger sister, music superstar Tamar Braxton-Herbert.

Screen-Shot-2014-02-14-at-10.52.04-AMWhen accused of being jealous by a fan of the show, Towanda responded by saying sarcastically that she’s not jealous of a man with a  $3,3oo,ooo IRS tax bill  (referring to Tamar’s husband, Vincent Herbert). Now this was the first that time that social media had heard of this news. Of course, Tamar supporters responded with a furry of “how dare you” and “whats wrong with you” tweets to Towanda.

However, when @SingleMomsTV weighed in the Towanda decided to reply directly to the questioning.

Towanda Braxton irs tweet reply

Well, its been a few days since the original conversation, however based on our current retweets, mentions, and new #BFV followers this conversation is far from over. That being said, coming from a place of peace, love, and goodwill – we’d like to offer Towanda Braxton a few helpful tips.

1. PUT DOWN THE PHONE – When in the middle of something that has your emotions charged, the BEST thing you could do is actually do nothing at all. Often times your first reaction is not a reflection of your truest feelings, but instead is one of deflection or defense. Also an over-reaction can cause alot more damage to any situation. Resist the itch to lash out, give yourself a minute to get through your feelings, and if you must express yourself – write it down in a place that doesn’t leave you vulnerable to regret.

2.  PICK UP A MIRROR –  Be willing to take a hard long look at the root of whats really bothering you. Keep asking yourself WHY does this particular person or issue bother you so much. What is it really revealing about you? Literally KEEP asking WHY until you get to the ROOT. You may discover that the other persons issue is not whats really making you so angry, but self angst is hard to maintain. Its easier to blame the other person than taking a hard long look at yourself. However, what you really should do is pick up a mirror and not to look at you, but to take a real look IN you.

3.  TURN ENERGY INTO ACTION – Rather than looking at what someone else may have or may be doing, take a moment of perspective to see what you can do with the talents God has given you. Your gift WILL make room for you. So if you want room at the top – get active with your gift. Start the company. Write the book. Sing the song. Whatever it takes to make your purpose a reality in your life get busy on making it happen.

Turn your energy into action and you wont have the time to waste hating on or worrying about someone else’s dream….


In Success,
@SingleMomsTV :=)