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Baby Mamas from hell….

An Open Letter to ALL Baby Mamas from HELL:


I know you are angry and frustrated.
You are loud and annoying too.
Everyone is laughing and blaming,
But really what you need is for someone to show you the truth.

Some truth like – why is my life jacked up?
And why isnt he helping me raise these kids?
And why cant I ever get a break or some alone time?
And who is supposed to help me with these bills?

But when you stop being angry long enough,
You’ll find that the help you need has been there all along.
No one else is coming to save and rescue you.
You must write your own melody to this song….


Stop being so ignorant and arrogant.
Stop thinking its just you against the world.
Stop trying to compromise your way into his tomorrow.
Stop self destructing just to be one less lonely girl.

Your kids need you now,
and they need you to find yourself.
Your FUTURE needs you now,
but time wont wait for any one else.

Start making the small changes today that bring you real success overall.
Stop prioritizing better – stop wasting your money on weave,
and nails,  and straight up living LARGE at the mall.

You can do this. You can live better.

You can raise healthy and positive kids.
Just believe in you – the same way that we do –
and you’ll see how with God by your side –
You  can STILL get through this.