Know your value…. Feb24


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Know your value….

I believe that there is nothing more tragic than a woman who does not know her value. A woman like this, has been tricked into believing that she is merely just the sum of her parts. Her esteemed is tied into what she receives from others, and seldom reliant upon what she brings to the table. She cant find any fulfillment in her own accomplishments, because her success is based on what everyone else thinks…

She runs the risk of allowing mistreatment, because she no longer understands the purpose of her being.
She does not know her value.

Do not be this woman. Although you may know her all to well. Her smile is superficial. Her wealth is on her back. Her conversation is full of shallowness…. Her future is full of lack. She may have the best of things….oh wait, those things have her. She has lied, manipulated, cheated, and schemed to acquire what others say they want and need. She runs for the magazines, so the writers can tell her the new “must haves” she needs in order to belong. She is lost. She is careless. She is wasteful. She is hiding. She is drowning in the mundane, she is dying for existence. She is ripe for abuse. She becomes an easy target. She does not know her value.

She does not know that she was designed by the creator for a particular use and purpose in this world. She does not know that He loves her more than anything, and His heart beats for her happiness. She does not know that the things are worthless, regardless of the price mankind has placed on them. She does not know that rather her clothes come from the most secluded boutique or the bulkest department store, she yet remains beautiful. She is still whole. She must remain complete.

She does not believe the truth: that if she expects respect, that any decent mate will comply. She does not dare to trust that she is worth the exclusive love that doesnt destroy your soul, but brings abundant life to it.

I want to tell this girl, that I know her. That I have been her. That even now I struggle with the reality of the everyday. I want to tell her that I often want to settle for missing the mark or selling short on my dreams. I want to tell her that sometimes, I dont want to fight for what I deserve either…..


There is SOMETHING in me that knows I am better than abuse. I am worth more than mistreatment. I am a standard. I am a queen and my father’s heart beats for me to succeed. So because God sees SOMETHING in me – I know that SOMETHING is there. I know my value because Christ has called me PRICELESS.

Ms. Koddi