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Momma – You’re raising a BIG BABY!

Ladies allow me to VENT.

So many times as single mothers we attempt to overcompensate for some area of lack in our lives, by “babying” our children. But realize, that when you do this, when you give in for the sake of “not feeling guilty”, you handicap your children. You rob them of learning to deal with not getting their way – within the confines of the safe home environment.

So now, because we feel guilty from being single – or maybe our family has experienced loss – or maybe we dont have the money that our friends have – whatever the issue or plight may be….when we pacify our growing and sometime already adult children – we are simply taking the easy way out, at their expense.

If you love your child – love them enough to sometimes tell them NO. Love them enough to be truthful. Love them enough to show them how to handle rejection. Love them enough to give them the tools to deal with life when everything doesnt go their way.

If you keep your kids dependent upon you – what happens to them when you are no longer there.

Momma, you’re raising a big baby….and you need to stop it.

With love,
Ms. Koddi