5 Things Single Moms MUST do…to get back on track!

If you find that your life is being swallowed up by all of your responsibilities…..then here are 5 things you MUST do to get your life BACK ON PURPOSE…FAST!

(As discussed by Ms. Koddi during the interview on the KDBowe Morning Show)

#1. Get QUIET – There is too much noise surrounding you, and the truth is all of that “surround sound” is just holding you back, and stiffling your progress. So quiet down…..Spend some alone time with yourself and the Holy Spirit. Allow him to guide you and show you the real you….and help you deal with some of those issues, fears, and choices that keep you one step behind.

#2. – Find your PURPOSE. – God created you with a specific need and purpose in mind. It goes beyond just being someone’s mother, sister, daughter or friend. There is something that He has chosen you to do, and until you get with Him and let His will be done in your life….you are walking OFF point. Your dreams and aspirations didnt disappear, just because you have a child now. So stop believing the HYPE of everyone else who says you cant do the EXACT thing God has placed you on this earth TO DO. No matter how far off course you may seem to be right now, if you YIELD your life to Him, He will lead you and guide you BACK TO YOUR PURPOSE.

#3 – Get A PLAN. – Once God has shown you WHO you really are, developed a plan to get to your life going again! You dont have to go through every day by day just living for others or just maintaining to pay bills. You can begin to develop and implement the smallest steps towards working, walking, and living out your dreams.

Sure you may have challenges, but you can rise above any obstacle or distraction sent to keep you off point!

#4. – REMOVE toxic relationships and people from your inner circle. This may mean deleting some people from your phone or even, FB, but your future is worth preserving and protecting. I have learned that people are pouring life and love into you….or they are taking it from you. Selfish relationships have no place in your future, so if you find that you have given someone TOXIC access to you – then you need to remove them. Either this person is a help or they are are hindrance…..nevertheless, choose, remove, and then move forward.

#5. FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS! – Life has taught me that the enemy will often bring distractions and problems to you just as soon as you get on point….so recognize what all the drama is REALLY about. Its a ploy to get you off track. So, if you find that the phone rings, or the “ex” is tripping…right around the time you start working on your life’s plan then take it as a SURE sign, that you are on THE RIGHT TRACK! (If you weren’t on you way to something big your haters wouldn’t be working SO HARD to try and stop you!) No matter what’s happened or what’s going on you must FOCUS! FOCUS! FOCUS!

Luv u guys soooooo much and thanks for all the support!

~ ms. koddi