Deal with the ROOT. Mar22


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Deal with the ROOT.

Deal with the ROOT. It seems simple enough, but it’s not. It’s probably one of the hardest things I could ever ask you to do…..but, for the sake of yourselves, I am begging you to….DEAL with the ROOT.

Before we continue to pass the disease of our pain, with those who we are closest to as the most common targets, I ask you to consider a change of course.

Find some time. TAKE the time to get to the heart of the matter… What happened? Who hurt you? Why haven’t you been able to move on or let go? When are you going to stop being angry?

MOST complex and compounded LIFE issues are the result of NOT dealing with a specific root. Somewhere hidden in all of the foolishness, is a particular point, decision, or judgement that offended you. However, in order to have sustainable and lasting peace in your life, love, and even family relationships….you MUST deal with the ROOT.

The funny thing about life is that sometimes the answers you are screaming for, wont come until you are quiet. So get quiet. THEN move on to the next phase….FINDING PEACE.

PEACE is tricky because so often we wont accept it until it comes on our terms. But the reality is, it may not EVER come on your terms. You may not get the apology. You may not get the admission of guilt. You may not even get the acknowledgement of ever being wronged……but still, you can have peace.

You can decide in your mind that I am the guardian of my future, and I will not carry pain, issue, and strife as bedfellows anymore. I release myself of this root issue….and allow love, kindness, opportunity, joy, wisdom and bliss to take its place.

I will expose this root of bitterness and replace it with a blossom of HOPE.

You can do this….I believe in you, and want you to succeed. All you need to do, is trust the goodness that remains inside of you to come alive and thrive, under the new light of the SON. The “SON”shine destroys the roots that have come to hold you back and tie you down…..all you must do is CHOOSE to walk in the LIGHT.
So right now, make a choice to not hold on to negativity……let go of sadness….and tap into the light of life, my dear, and watch what happens….(you will start to shine!) :~)

Luv ya,
Ms. Koddi