Get out of the way of God’s timing…. Mar07


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Get out of the way of God’s timing….

We want it – WHEN we want it and perhaps that is the biggest problem. We always hear about how as a society we are so impatient, but so often we think of that in terms of fast-food and short attention spans. But what if there is more to the story than that….

Are you and your impatience standing in your own way? What is life trying to teach you, that you can’t grasp because you are rushing through your day. You hurry for rescue of each issue. You speed through each speed bump of life – not allowing circumstance to teach you patience, humbleness, humility, or even suffering.

Are we so consumed with microwaving our way to our dreams that we are missing the lessons in our daily reality?

I get it, no one likes pain. No one wants to be hurt, however pain serves a purpose. Pain is a teacher…and you must endure it long enough to learn its lesson.

No matter what our situation, and how often we feel alone – we are not. We have a loving father, God who is not only looking out for us but continues to provide for us…..but what we must grasp is this – He does all things in HIS TIME.

All of heaven is aware of your needs, issues, plights and fights – and as soon as you calm down, ALL OF HEAVEN will come to your rescue. All you must simply do is learn how to BE STILL AND KNOW.

That’s it. That’s the key. Simply BE STILL……and then you will KNOW.

Love you ladies,
Ms. Koddi