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The Path to Forgiveness…

We’ve all experienced pain in some form or another. We’ve all have been hurt by someone we loved. We’ve all assumed that it could never happen to us – only to find out that it did. But if we’ve all been through troubles and strife that have brought us pain – the question is, “How do you overcome the angst and hurt that has gripped our souls? How do we find a path to freedom and forgiveness?”

Although every person’s journey is different, perhaps these universal truths will guide you through to a place of peace in your life.

First, acknowledge the PAIN. Don’t try to hide it or pretend it didn’t happen. Your soul deserves the right to lament when it has been wronged. This is not the time to silence your own voice and power. Pain is your body’s signal that something is wrong. If you have been hurt emotionally, mentally, physically or even spiritually, then YES, something is wrong. Acknowledge it. Expose it. Reveal it. Express it.

Secondly, release your ANGER. Don’t waste your energy and time on vengeance. After you have acknowledged what has happened to you – leave it to God and the courts, if applicable, to offer punishment. Its always empowering to know that God can settle the score much better than you ever could. That’s why he asks you to let him do it. Who ever offended you may think they are getting off and getting away with it, but God always has the last say so….So, let Him take care of them, for you.

Finally, move on in KNOWLEDGE. Being forgiving & being a doormat are NOT the same thing. I have the right to remember your actions last time when its time to decide what’s happens next…and trust, I will. Knowledge is the key to preventing that same situation from happening again. Knowledge says, ok if you do the same thing – you will get the same result – so therefore, do something different.

I call these tools my P.A.K. for finding my way to walk in forgiveness daily. It is not easy, but the freedom that I get in exchange for releasing my angst is worth it.