Its the middle of the night when I was awakened by an internal need…….I was thirsty. Sounds simple enough, but as I laid in bed I realized that I was all out of juice and I really didnt want tap water – so at that moment I realized once again the significance of thirst and how awful it fills when you have a need but it is unfulfilled.

So now its about 20 minutes later and I am enjoying a super sized baja blast from the late night taco bell……so the internal issue has been resolved….but the lesson was not over.

I realized that so often in life we have a thirst…..a real internal need that cannot be ignored and MUST be fulfilled. And I have been playing around with the scripture regarding Christ and the woman at the well. He told her that if she knew who He was – she would ask of Him to drink for He had water that would fulfill her needs and she would never thirst again. So as I have been going thru my journey recently I have inquired of Christ and His living water. Tonight the secret has been revealed.

A thirst is an internal need that is only filled through an EXTERNAL action. So what do you do when your soul THIRST? What happens when you feel a void inside and nothing you know has removed it? You can find temporary drinks in a mate, or a job, shopping, money, accolades, or even a nice meal….but eventually the void returns and you thirst again. So here’s the key – your souls thirst can only be filled thru an OUTSIDE ACTION that puts you on path to your purpose. PURPOSE – is what we fill when we know we are in right alignment with God. So when I am doing those things which God has created me to do – I am not
thirsty. When I am making daily actions toward fulfilling HIS call on my life – I am not thirsty. When I know that I am not in conflict with HIS plan and will for me – I am not thirsty.

So if you find yourself- your soul – THIRSTY – then take a drink from the water of a LIFE FULFILLED. Take
a drink from that water of walking in your destiny. Take a drink from the fountain of every day I am doing
exactly what God has created me to do…….TAKE A DRINK FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUR TRUE PURPOSE and never EVER thirst again. ( I dare you to try it… is sooooooo good). ~ Ms. Koddi

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