Ugly…from the INside, out….

People with BAD attitudes often also have a BAD self image, and they try to hide the ugliness they feel for themselves by being ugly to you. So when you come across someone with a nasty disposition, dont take it personal – its not you they hate…. its themselves.

So Are You An Ugly Girl?

Here are a few tips to help you see a more beautiful….you!

1. STOP waiting on a man, or anyone else for that matter…to love you! Love yourself first.

Understand that you matter.  You are God’s gift…..and you are, even with your imperfections, worth the wait. You dont have to sell out or sell yourself short, just to hear the words ~ I love you.

There is someone out there who is wanting a woman just like you….and when he comes he needs to be able to access the REAL you.  Not a false copy of someone on TV. He wants you. So take this time while you are single – to search the heart  that should matters most to you……yours.  Its important to do this now…so that when Mr. Right does come, the woman he is seeking….the real you….he has access to.

2. Find Your Purpose.

When you dont know the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable… find your purpose so that you dont allow others to misuse or abuse you.  Being handled the wrong way can do unimaginable damage to your self image and self esteem….so get quiet, and find your purpose. Know why you are here and what God wants from you…. (thats the secret that those other girls who appear to be super confident possess — its called PURPOSE!)

Finally, # 3.   Be kind.

Looks can only take you soooo far. So even on days when you dont “feel” beautiful, you can still act that way. Your countenance is different,  lighter….brighter, when you are kind. So simply choose to no matter what the day brings…..decide to be kind. A smile looks sooo much better than a snarl anyhow :~)

PS – For more support on finding your inner beauty I recommend reading the Single Moms Devotional, by Koddi Lester. Its a great 30 day devotional….that results in a better, radiant, healthier….you!

Ebony Smiles