How to have balance in life. Jan19


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How to have balance in life.

What is the ideal future for you?

In your most perfect dreams, where are you?

Where are you living? What are you doing? Who is with and around you? And how are you feeling?

What I am learning about life is the farther I go from living my most sincerest dream – the harder it becomes to survive my day to day reality.

We as moms can become so lost in our kids, jobs, bills, and more that we live through days, weeks, and months going by – with nothing gained.

Its not a selfish thought – it is a SELF thought to say, “Wait a minute  – my life, my dreams, my hopes are worth saving and I refuse to lose another day rescuing everyone but myself.”

So this year – as everyone else does exactly what they want to do around you – I want to challenge you to do a little bit of the same. Work towards being able to do exactly what ever it is that you want.

This is just a quick note to encourage you to live your life with no regrets. Leave nothing left on the table. Eat. Indulge. Live. (and of course) Love.

The fist step to finding your source of balance is to realize that maybe its time to put that SuperWoman cape on – just to save yourself.


Love you all,

Mz. Koddi