Do Single Mothers Raise Bad Sons?

There are numerous times that I have been told that I am to hard on my son. Then there are times that I am told that I am not hard enough on him. I have also been told that I am a great mother. And I have been told that being a single parent is the hardest thing a mother can be.

When I found out that I was having a child, I knew I was going to be doing it without a father involved. Single parent life here I come. Immediately I called my family to tell them the news. Needing to know what their response would be, I didn’t hesitate.

Knowing that I would not be able to do this on my own. I started thinking about my support system. As the next few weeks passed by, I enlisted a few family members into the inner circle. People I knew that would undoubtedly be there. It was funny how they were the ones who were not in my everyday life at this point.

Sooner then I expected, into the world came my son. Doing everything I knew and more included going to numerous child development classes. Classes that teach you to learn your child from the beginning. How to interact with them on an eye level.

Discipline was a big thing for my family. The balance of making sure they understood why they were getting disciplined was a big issue for me. Combining my knowledge with theirs really helped me to see better.

This world is full of opinions. The simple matter of fact is that if you have a great support system, your child will turn out to be a great child. No he does not have a father in his life. But he does have a lot of uncles to bond with. And God parents who are parents of their own.

People are amazed at how well my son listens. That he is smarter then he should be at his age. And his attention span is no different then any other 2 year old. However, I can tell you he has never been a terrible 2 child.

All of this is simply due to the fact, that there are matters which are in place. Learning how to use them effectively is key. Enlisting dependable people as support who are willing to be good role models are extremely important.

So do I think that single mothers raise bad sons? No. The lack of knowledge raises bad children. The lack of knowing how to handle a situation. Not knowing how to cope with a situation and not searching out a good source to help you. That raises bad children.

Written by: MaMaShan – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii US