I’m listening to T. D. Jakes (@BishopJakes) right now – and he is speaking on Moses and he said the following,:

” You have to have a place of celebration. You have to have a ‘comma’ in your life – there is a point where you have to stop and TELL YOUR STORY. There is a place when you have to pause in between battles – THAT BEFORE YOU TAKE ANOTHER STEP…you have to stop and celebrate.

You arent done – but the begginning didnt kill you – take that pause – celebrate your success – cry when you have to , but laugh when you can. It is how your mind heals itself. Laughter is the best medicine. Tell you story. ( I went thru this – I beat this – I made it past this).

Celebrate your success! Use the laughter as medicine. Just be human – not superman. Be angry – be hurt – have that good ol’ fight – dont cover it up and lose the relationship! put it out there.


Say you dont like it – say you dont understand – say that you are hurt – tell God the truth.

Dont make excuses.

“Sometimes you have to stop being a hero and just RECOVER.”