Have you ever been in a place in life where you know things arent going the way you wanted, or even the way you planned….but yet for the sake of others, you are trying to maintain?

You have your kids…and they need you. You have your friends…and they need you…You have work, family, community, and a host of other obligations pulling you along…from day to day. You play your part. You paste on your smile. You look like you have it all, but really on the inside you are LOST.

Sometimes you wake up and wonder, how did I get here? What happened to MY DREAMS? Where did I give up on living the life that I fantasized about as a young girl? When did I surrender my hopes…What has stolen my vision? Who has taken my strength? How did I get to this point. WHY AM I LOST?

The truth is that every step we take away from being our authentic selves, is a step towards being lost. Often times as women, we are forced to put aside the things we want to do, have, and be for the sake others. We selflessly choose to sacrifice and compromise for the greater good, so we think. But then, at night or when the quiet times come, because we have laid so much on the line for others….we find that in that continual struggle to please and to “be” everything to everyone else, that we have lost ourselves.

So now, who are you? Not what is your name, but what is your vision? Where are your dreams? Why have you given up on you? I understand that as adults we must sometimes make the choice to sacrifice or even compromise, and understand. that there is nothing wrong with that, but you must also know, what the total cost of that compromise is to your dreams, your hopes, and your future.

Bitterness, anger, depression, and guilt are all bedfellows of neglect, and when you always neglect your dreams for the sake of “compromise “, at some point, expect resentment to find you. And truthfully, its not really compromise if you are the one thats always giving and others are always on the taking side….

The people in your life who really love you….without motive or agenda, will want you to succeed. They will want you to be find happiness, and they will cheer you on to victory. So don’t worry about what the others will say. They will say whatever they feel the must say in order to continue using you. They have their plans…its to continue to rob you of yours…so move on. Move ahead. Go and GROW forward with tapping back into your authentic self, so that your tomorrow is just that….YOURS.