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So what about your friends…

The problem with an “assault” is that its hard to be attacked from a distance. Times are changing…and (especially when you look at the news headlines) the ones who end up assaulting you are often the ones YOU gave close access to you too. (You cant reach me or stab me in my back from across the room….you’ve got to be close!)

We’ve got to be more discerning and even discriminating regarding who we give access to our lives too. Trust, I understand what you were taught, and there is nothing wrong with being “nice”, but that does not mean you give your phone number, email address, or even have that lunch date with everyone who asks. When its comes to your friends, you MUST be more selective.

In my life its too the point, where now I ask myself, what is the motive behind this particular contact. Is this person reaching out to me for a particular reason, thus expecting a certain outcome? What I have learned is that those types of people are best ignored…because the minute you don’t do what they want, they turn on you. (And whatever access you gave them, whatever secrets your shared with them, whatever dreams you told them…..now hang in the balance).

I encourage you ladies to be a friend to YOURSELF first. LIKE yourself, first….ENJOY your own company, first! Have a healthy self image FIRST, so that when a “friend” comes you can determine who sent them….Were they sent to move you forward, or is this a relationship designed to HOLD YOU BACK.

– Ms. Koddi