Toothache Help! #HomeRemedies

So its not often that we post about personal health issues, but this time we must make an exception.

A few weeks ago my 4 year had a toothache, and in addition to it being the middle of the night – there was also a bigger problem: we didn’t have INSURANCE. (Problem now solved…thank you Mr. Obama! :P)

So, what did we do to get past this scary moment? We checked in with some old school remedies and guess what, they worked!

Here’s how we got through the toothache without dental insurance.

1.We had my son gargle with CLOVE OIL.

Yes, he didnt like the taste but…we noticed the pain went away within a matter of minutes.

2. We being to have him brush with COCONUT OIL.

Now for all those oil pulling fans, this is where I say thank you. Although my son was too young to get the oil pulling concept, having him brush with the coconut oil and (a little mint for taste) really helped us get the pain under control.

3. Finally – as much as I love my little guy, we being to say NO to his sweet tooth. We begin to use healthier snacks to get the sugar out of his diet, but also, since cavities are often caused by a vitamin deficiency, we found a way to make sure he had the proper vitamin doses in his daily diet. He seems partial to V8 Banana Strawberry drinks, so….that’s what we begin to use.

Now, we are still actively pursuing an affordable dental insurance plan (the one insurance company we ended up using wanted to charge us about $700 and basically covered nothing), so we said….NO.

If you are having to read this, and need immediate dental help, I honestly hope you can find a profesional medical solution. However, if the numbers aren’t adding up maybe some of this information will help.

Ebony Smiles

Freelance Editor, Single Moms TV