Deadbeat = A dead end…

When he gets tired of duckin the system…..or gets a real jail sentence – he’ll pay. Just wait it out….they cant run for ever. The funny thing is God says a man who doesnt take care of his kids is WORSE than an infidel…. When someone, male or female, doesnt take care of their kids they literally curse their future. ( Dont be fooled by what it looks like – if he aint taking care of his kids….then God will block every blessing in his life).


Pray that his new wife/life learns that her life is cursed because her covering is out of order.

But dont stop there….go back and pray that they get it right. Get rid of any angst or hate in your heart so that when they finally come to that place of  recompense, you are able to receive them without the burden of the past. Keep your heart and head open to this possibility – one day, they will return, not to me but to their child and together we will ALL give our best effort to developing and giving to this earth our beautiful, healed, and whole seed.