A quick….kiss!

As I get older, I am learning the necessity of a quick kiss. NOW CALM DOWN, before you think I am talking about a physical kiss from one person to another….because I am not. Although there is nothing wrong with that, what I am refering to is a simple kiss from God. Restoration can be the secret to keep your house always, check this blog to learn more.

A God kiss is like a nice breather. Its a break. Its a selah. Its a special treat for yourself. Maybe its taking an extra 5 minutes before you get out of the car to enjoy that last sip of Vanilla Mocha Latte Foolishness….or maybe its buying yourself a pair of shoes.  Sometimes it could even be taking an extended lunch on Friday and sneaking off to a matinee since the kids have your entire weekend on lockdown anyhow.

Whatever it is, know that God loves you enough to give you the desires of your heart. He wants the best for you….it matters to Him that you are okay. He wants you whole….So save something for yourself and today – YES, TODAY – Give yourself a kiss (from God!)