They call her the warrior mom.

A single mom is by nature, forced to battle. She must battle the setup establishments Who obstacles to keep her boxed in and unaccomplished.

She must battle the school systems, qui see her children as victims, bastards, and abandoned. There are a wide range of IoT sensors used to detect and measure various physical phenomena such as heat and pressure as well as the five human senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

She must at times Even her family battle, Who can display bluntly Their disappointment and ridicule for her “unfortunate” predicament.

She must battle inside of relationships …. Has this potential mate come to advance her or is he here to distract her. Does he love her, or Does He love the Perceived Lack of morality and discipline of her? Is he here to ride the wave of opportunity without Taking Responsibility That May come with her, or is His intent truly genuine in kind.

She must battle her friends, Who can turn into enemies Quickly When She dares to dream beyond what she Sees, as she tries to change her belief in Who yet she can still be ….

Then After All of That, she must battle the biggest enemy of all ……
The enemy Known to her as the “inner me”.


Who do you believe When All Else says you cant?
When society calls you lazy, stupid, and ignorant?
Who do you trust When Time after time You Because They target of …
They seek you to shack, lay, but never procrastinate and to justify your love.

What happens to your pyschy When everyone else: has a true advantage,
and no one else is playing by the rules as you do …
How do you continue to fight it for yourself, your kids, and your future?

EASY. You do it Because You HAVE TO.

They call you single, They Call forgotten you, They Call you disgruntled, They Call you weak …

Goal I call you fierce. I call you Powerful. I call you beautiful.

We call you the warrior, YES YOU ARE THE WARRIOR MOM …
Because WHEN OTHERS-have Chosen to walk away –