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Have you given your child a chance to HEAL?

Divorce. Separations. Break Ups. They all can be really hard to live through as an adult, but as the adults in the situation we have to make sure that we haven’t neglected our most valued treasure – our kids.

When we go through a hard time in our lives it has a direct impact on our children. It has been written and noted for years without end that divorce is hardest on our kids. Sometimes they may not ever mention it to you. They may even make it seem like its not such a big deal or it happens all the time….but beyond their “whatevers” you have to be in-sync enough with your child(ren) to know their internal clocks, and how much time they need to heal.

You aren’t doing yourself or your next relationship any favors if you rush THEM into a new encounter before they are ready. And although kids don’t have much of a voice in who you choose to date, you still need to be mindful of how they are feeling. In fact, you may even have to put your wants to the side a while just to be sure that your family can even handle a new relationship.

So as you are going through your process of finding yourself again, and falling in love again, my hope to you is that you don’t forget the kids. If your (or even his) kids need more time – then GIVE IT TO THEM. If what you really have is love then it is patient and kind, and can withstand a time of respite while you make sure your home is okay, and everyone is ready to receive.

I know you are SO ready to love again, but when it comes to your kids – if they aren’t ready then you are adding pressure, issue, stress, and strife to you new found love life…and it would be hard for the best matched couples to surmount those odds.